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21 days ago1.37 GB71796
12 hours ago1.54 GB262176
Last Month1.43 GB1279
Last Month1.6 GB8410
Last Month903.15 MB81143
Last Month1.43 GB747
Last Month1.43 GB65201
Last Month1.79 GB5029
15 days ago753 MB4817
14 days ago838.24 MB386
Yesterday743.9 MB2937
Last Month903.15 MB2826
Last Month297.66 MB2118
Last Month1.43 GB18116
6 days ago2.4 GB1744
Last Month1.29 GB1715
Yesterday4.86 GB1540
Last Month1.43 GB1566
Last Month1.67 GB124
Last Month1.07 GB1025
Last Month407.25 MB83
Last Month1.31 GB715
6 days ago1.91 GB414
6 days ago1.91 GB426
3 months ago785.74 MB29
Last Month1.43 GB212
Last Month1.29 GB27
Yesterday2.04 GB114
Last Month1.3 GB12
Last Month1.37 GB15
9 days ago1.33 GB01
6 days ago2.4 GB00
5 days ago955.85 MB00
3 days ago903.29 MB00
Yesterday990.4 MB00
Yesterday1.34 GB00
Yesterday2.07 GB00
Yesterday1.07 GB00
Yesterday5.06 GB00
Yesterday2.16 GB00
Yesterday2.68 GB00
Yesterday8.91 GB00
Yesterday5.07 GB00
Yesterday1.44 GB00
Yesterday8.91 GB00


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